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WillMove es una empresa que realiza únicamente mudanzas y transportes internacionales de larga distancia. Nuestra oficina central se encuentra en Madrid pero disponemos de equipos para realizar servicios en todo el territorio nacional . Contamos con un equipo internacional altamente cualificado el cual podrá resolver sus dudas es más de 5 idiomas distintos y con todo nuestro personal siendo bilingüe en por lo menos español e inglésLeer más

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 en Sirelo
I wish to advise you of our moving experience with WillMove from 15Mar23-30Jun23 from Arboleas,Almeria 04660 Spain to Perth W Australia via Hong Kong Express freighter. We are VERY disappointed with the service that was provided, despite my frequent emails to the various individuals that represented WillMove management during the whole period of the transfer of our goods from Spain to WA.
Our goods were collected & re-packed properly by WillMove packers. An inventory was prepared & accepted by WillMove's representatives & it was provided to WillMove's supervisors, who also requested & accepted my payment for insurance for the goods being transported for us from Spain to WA.
In point of fact, your staff in Arboleas sealed all our boxes PROPERLY before they took them away for the voyage to Perth WA. They put on strong cellotape to replace the masking tape I had used in error, your men also packed the last half-a-dozen boxes on your inventory completely for us, despite the fact they were supposed to arrive at 9am & didn't arrive until past 3pm (I made over 20 calls & sent many messages to WillMove during this time & was VERY stressed, not a good situation for a man who's had several heart attacks/strokes). So, I think I can safely say our goods WERE packed correctly, as per your stated requirements.
We arrived in Sydney NSW on 20Mar23 where we were in rental that we found in Mudgee NSW, we're now in Tuncurry.
Our goods had arrived in Fremantle from Spain via a Chinese vessel Hong Kong Express. Somewhere in this voyage between Spain & Fremantle Customs, some of our boxes were crushed & items were damaged & some, we discovered, were missing from our inventory. There was an electric sewing machine in our inventory, a valuable antique, that was NOT there when we finally received our goods from Perth, also there were ornaments missing, my wife even had her shoes missing?
Our goods were in my daughter's hands from June-Dec ( & she's totally trustworthy!) until she was able to send my goods to Sydney where we've been obliged to settle.
I sent messages to WillMove, but their response was simply to say 'as I only had total loss insurance, I couldn't claim against their insurance cover'.
But, I wanted WillMove to pursue their Chinese (?) counterparts in our move to identify those responsible for the damage & theft of our goods. Surely, WillMove would want to limit such damage for the benefit of their future customers? Apparently, that's not the case. After our goods had been stored for assessment by Australian Customs, pending collection by WillMove's Perth representatives Palmers Relocations, my representative, my daughter in Perth, received our goods & she noted & advised the removalists that several boxes had been crushed or opened in transit.
I reported this information to WillMove management, as I've said in this review, to be told that I had NO claim against the insurance that they had approved for my goods during their transit on vessel Hong Kong Express or at any stage during their travels under the auspices of WillMove due to their packers had NOT advised WillMove that they HAD re-packed our goods in our boxes due to us having NOT properly taped our boxes closed for the voyage.
I find it alarming & interesting that this has been the response from WillMove & draw your attention to this matter as a serious concern on the probity demonstrated by WillMove management. I'm concerned that WillMove will probably demonstrate, if they haven't already, a similar lack of concern for their customers & I feel obliged to warn you of my own experience with WillMove so you can monitor their future behaviour with other customers, in case you get tarnished with being as uncaring as are WillMove.
Roberto Traynor
WillMove customer ID 102000
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Descuidado con mobiliario
Mudanza de Arboleas, Almeria (España) a Perth (Australia)
Respuesta de
I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns regarding your recent move from Arboleas, Almeria, Spain, to Perth, Western Australia, with WillMove. Your feedback is important to us, and we understand the significance of a seamless relocation experience.

I want to address the points you raised and clarify some aspects of the service provided. As agreed upon, our quotation for the removal service did not include professional packing. We understand that you personally packed your goods, and we appreciate your diligence in preparing an inventory.

Upon receipt of your goods in Fremantle, we acknowledge the reported damages to several boxes during transit. However, I must clarify that when customers opt for owner-packed goods, the insurance coverage typically extends to total loss only. This limitation is due to the absence of professional packing, which could otherwise mitigate potential damages.

Our records indicate that you elected for insurance covering complete loss, and this was communicated to you during the pre-service discussions. Unfortunately, damages to items within owner-packed boxes may not be eligible for individual claims as they fall outside the scope of the insurance coverage.

I want to express our understanding of your disappointment and assure you that we take your feedback seriously. We are committed to addressing any areas where our communication or service may have fallen short.

If you have any additional concerns or if there are specific details you would like us to further investigate, please feel free to provide more information. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are here to assist in any way we can.

Thank you for bringing your experience to our attention, and we appreciate your understanding of the terms outlined in our agreement.
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 en Sirelo
Empresa muy profesional y fiable. Desde el primer momento nos dieron información muy completa y detallada de todo el proceso y los trámites a seguir. Todas las personas del equipo que intervinieron en nuestra mudanza siempre nos atendieron e informaron correctamente y de forma muy amable. Toda nuestra mudanza llegó completa y en perfecto estado.. Empresa 100% recomendable.
Mudanza de Barcelona (España) a San José Del Cabo (México)
Respuesta de
Muchas gracias por su comentario! Nos alegramos de que todo haya salido como previsto. Muchas gracias y un saludo, Equipo de WillMove Worldwide
 en Sirelo
No nos ofrecieron una de las alternativas que era la que nosotros demandábamos.Queriamos que fuese por “grupaje”.
Mudanza de Madrid (España) a Melbourne (Australia)
 en Sirelo
Se han preocupado por agilizar el proceso y han sido flexibles a nuestros requisitos.
Los embalajes son excelentes.
Mudanza de Castro Urdiales (España) a Charlotte (Estados Unidos)
 en Sirelo
las cosas estaban muy bien empacadas, todo llego completo de acuerdo al listado de empaque y en buenas condiciones.
Mudanza de Madrid (España) a Mérida (México)
 en Sirelo
I moved recently from Miami to Madrid and the company in Florida International Van Lines subcontracted WillMove.

WillMove extorted money from me, they had me sign an additional contract in order to deliver my furniture. They refused to deliver my sofa claiming it did not fit through the door, charged me extra garage fee for my car, attempted to charge me storage fee for my sofa that they didn't even want to deliver and so much more!!

I had to pay a separate company with a tow truck to pick up my car and sofa (which very easily fit) and then WillMove had the nerve to claim that the tow truck company lifted my sofa with an outdoor elevator and fit it through the window, which is 1/3 the size of the door opening!

Here are a few of my emails with [names removed by Sirelo]

Hi [name removed by Sirelo]

First of all, so in other words what your company confirms after-hours is UNTRUE, because you all confirmed with myself and the tow-truck company 10:30 AM and you had them waiting for 1 HOUR.
As a consequence of that, they missed the next call and I had to pay an extra fee.

Another thing that [name removed by Sirelo] confirmed “after hours” was that the sofa was going to have a cover on it, and you REMOVED the cover, see photo attached (Sofa 1).
As a consequence of that, I am going to have the sofa professionally cleaned. I also had to pay a separate company for delivery of a SOFA that I ALREADY PAID International Van Lines/Will Move.

Oh and guess what, the sofa was delivered this morning and it VERY EASILY fit through the door. They did not even have to maneuver it around.. see photos attached (Sofa 2, Sofa 3). Your team did not even want to ATTEMPT to bring the sofa up. So you are in BREACH OF CONTRACT.
And here is my email to [name removed by Sirelo] of International Van Lines:
The contract says that you all need to deliver ALL my furniture, which Will Move did NOT. I paid Will Move 2 days of parking, long haul, 3rd floor delivery, etc.. and they did it in 1 day. I did not receive a refund for the extra day. They also began counting the storage of the car on the 15th when it was loaded to their warehouse in Guadalajara, even though the day the car was technically separated from the furniture was the 25th. They also DELAYED the time to send me the photos of the car that I needed to get a paper in order to get a temporary registration/ insurance etc.. Because as you know, [name removed by Sirelo] advised me to remove my Florida Car Insurance. So I was not going to move the car without insurance.
As a consequence of that, I was charged an additional storage fee for the car.

The contract did not mention that the car and sofa were going to be held all the way in Guadalajara, which is an hour away from Madrid.
As a consequence of that, I had to pay a separate company a larger fee for a tow for the Car and a tow/delivery of the Sofa from Guadalajara to Madrid.

One last thing, Will Move did not set up the vanity. They leaned the back of the vanity which has 3 big mirrors on the baseboard, so any slight movement can cause the vanity mirrors to break completely.
As a consequence of that, I am going to have to find a company to set up the vanity.
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Mudanza de Miami (Estados Unidos) a Madrid (España)

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